Your Access to Periop 101: A Core Curriculum™ is Changing

Who is Affected: ONLY Facilities Who Access Periop 101 from Learning Platforms Outside of AORN

Starting July 1, 2024, hospitals and systems requesting to purchase Periop 101 for the first time, or whose existing contract with distributors expire after June 30, 2024, will only be able to purchase through AORN. To ensure all learners continue to have access to Periop 101, current Guidelines and content, please contact AORN as soon as possible to discuss your options for continued access beyond your existing agreement. Our goal is to make this a smooth transition with no interruption of service to your learners.

Impact on Your Facility:

  • Contracts: As of July 1, 2024, new Periop 101 course agreements or contracts expiring after June 30, 2024 will no longer be available through learning platforms outside of AORN.
  • Current Learners: Individuals already enrolled in Periop 101 can complete the course on their existing learning platform per the terms of your existing agreement.
  • New Enrollments: Once your Periop 101 course agreement expires, new learners will need to be enrolled in Periop 101 directly through AORN.  A new agreement will need to be initiated through AORN.

Next Steps

We encourage you to contact AORN as soon as possible by sending an email to [email protected]. Our Facility Solutions team is available to walk you through your options for continued access to Periop 101 beyond your existing agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions About this Transition

» How do I order Periop 101 seats from AORN?

Contact AORN by sending an email to [email protected] and using the subject line “Periop 101 Transition.” Our Facility Solutions team will connect with you to explore your needs and options.

» What is the pricing for seats to Periop 101 with AORN? Is there a quantity discount?

Visit the AORN Pricing Page to view Periop 101 pricing, which reflects quantity discounts. Please note that the pricing for your 2-year facility agreement is locked in, so additional seats needed during that 2-year term will be available at the initial purchase price.

» What is the timing from receiving the AORN quote to my learners receiving course access?

Orders are fulfilled within 2 business days of receiving payment.

» How will my learners access the Periop 101 content from AORN?

Once your AORN Facility Agreement is active, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register as an Administrator. Instructions for registering learners into your purchased seats is presented in the Administrator Implementation Course. Registering learners, adding more seats, and managing seats across multiple sites are all accessible through your Facility Agreement Page.

Registering a learner is as easy as entering an email address and clicking on a button. Once registered, your learners will receive an email regarding their registration with steps on how to access the course through MyAORN (AORN’s learning management system).

» How long will my learners have access to the course?

Learners have 6-month access from the time they first launch the course.

» How long will I have to register my learners into my purchased course seats?

Periop 101 administrators will have 2 years to register learners into purchased seats. View Agreement Conditions.

» How will AORN provide learner completion records?

You may access learner completion records in three ways:

  1. Perip 101 Administrators can run a report through the Dashboard within AORN’s Learning Management System.
  2. Students are able to print the certificate and submit it to your appropriate internal contact.
  3. AORN’s Information Technology (IT) team can provide your facility’s IT team with a REST API, which your team can implement internally to pull completion status from the AORN LMS in real time and pull that data into your facility’s platform. REST APIs are widely used for data exchange between different systems using the HTTP technologies found in web browsers and servers.
» What are the technical/IT requirements for accessing the AORN Learning Management System?

Below are system requirements that you will need to access AORN online courses. If you are accessing the program through your work computer, please contact your IT department to confirm your system meets the following requirements.

For the best experience using our platform, we recommend:

  • A broadband network connection with a minimum download speed of 10 mbps
  • The most recent version of your computer’s operating system

For the best streaming experience, close all other tabs, browsers, windows, or programs. Use an ethernet cord instead of WiFi whenever possible.


We always recommend the most recent version of your computer’s operating system. However, here is some guidance:

  • Windows 10 or later
  • MacOS 10.15 or later


The most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer: Microsoft will only continue supporting IE 11 moving forward. Please do not use IE 10 or below, or the courses will not work properly. Microsoft suggests upgrading to Edge rather than using Internet Explorer.


Products listed as multimedia will use HTML5, the same player used by YouTube and most major websites.


Our system launches 3rd party hosts for live online webinars. Check the links below to view the system requirements for running those platforms.


Your Periop 101 Experience with AORN

  • Guaranteed access to the latest version of Periop 101 based on the most up-to-date AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice
  • Ease of learner registration via the MyAORN platform –where learners can also access the AORN Journal, AORN member benefits, continuing education hours, and more
  • Easy access to course information, administrator resources, course announcements, and administrator webinars
  • Flexibility in using purchased seats over two years, allowing for higher volume-based discounts
  • Any additional seats needed during the 2-year term are locked-in at the initial purchase price
  • Convenient access to learner progress and final exam reports, and available seat counts
  • Direct access to Periop 101 subject matter experts alongside you every step of the way

Considerations for Your Team

  • Is AORN an approved vendor for your facility? If not, what steps are needed for approval?
  • Are there IT requirements or approval processes that need to be fulfilled through your internal IT department prior to using the AORN LMS?
  • When should your AORN Facility Agreement commence to avoid any disruption in your onboarding program?
  • How many seats do you anticipate needing during your two-year Facility Agreement?
  • What additional support will you need from AORN to facilitate a smooth transition?

Contact AORN

Email Us

Contact AORN today by sending an email to [email protected] using subject line “Periop 101 Transition.” Our Facility Solutions team is available and eager to learn about your onboarding needs and to walk you through your options with AORN. We are committed to assisting you through this change and answering any questions you may have.


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