WHAT'S NEW: Critical changes in 6 of the 35 guidelines – over 70 practice recommendations.

2024 AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

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2024 Newly Revised Guidelines

  1. Medication Safety
  2. Design and Maintenance of the Surgical Suite
  3. Manual Chemical High-Level Disinfection
  4. Safe Environment of Care
  5. Team Communication
  6. Safe Patient Handling and Movement
AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice are the gold-standard in evidence-based recommendations to deliver safe perioperative patient care and achieve workplace safety.

What Your Peers are Saying
"The best source for current perioperative practice."
“Valuable resource every ASC/ OR department should have.”
“The guidelines give a recipe for how things should be done in the OR. If I ever have any questions, I always refer to the AORN guidelines.”

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